Puech Ikots--"Words of Our People" in the Huave language of Oaxaca, Mexico

Puech Ikots

Puech Ikots ("Words of Our People" in the Huave language of Oaxaca, Mexico) is a joint Mexican-American project to contribute to the self-determination and economic independence of indigenous pueblos in Oaxaca. The Huave indigenous peoples live in the remote region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the southern part of Oaxaca.

The co-founder of Puech Ikots, Carlos Orozco, is a Oaxacan Huave who created this project in order to provide opportunities to artisans and artists in pueblos found in various areas of the state of Oaxaca. For many of these people, their art is the only source of income. The project also hopes to foster economic autonomy to Oaxacan indigenous communities in general and share the beauty of the Oaxacan culture with people around the world.

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