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Alebrijes (ale brehes)

Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures. The first alebrijes originated with Pedro Linares. After dreaming the creatures while sick in the 1930s, he began to create what he saw in cardboard and paper mache. His work caught the attention of a gallery owner in Cuernavaca and later, the artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.
Adaptation of alebrijes to Oaxacan wood carvings -- from copal wood -- was pioneered by Arrazola native Manuel Jiménez. This version of the craft has since spread to a number of other towns, most notably San Martín Tilcajete.
Far Flung Arts is pleased to bring you some of the finest work of the best artisans in the State of Oaxaca. Our collections include works by Manuel Jimenez, Armando Jimenez, Delfino Gutierrez, Joaquin Hernandez Vasquez, Agustin Vasquez Aguilar and Catrino Carrillo.

(this description is adapted from, "Alebrijes.")
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Oaxacan Wood Carving Rhinoceros Oaxacan Wood Carving Mandril by Armando Jimenez Oaxacan Wood Carving Armadillo by Armando Jimenez
Wood Carved Heart by Jacobo and Maria Angeles Oaxacan Wood Carved Primitive Pig by Alejandro Lopez Juarez Oaxacan Wood Carved Deer by Agustin Vasquez
Oaxacan Wood Carved Lizard by Agustin Vasquez Oaxacan Wood Carved Wolf by Agustin Vasquez Eagle by Carlos Orozco, Puech Ikots
Iguana and Armadillo  Puech Ikots Oaxacan Wood Carved Stingray by Armando Jimenez Oaxacan Wood Carved Flamingo by Epifanio Fuentes
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